Episode 45

45. Face Dog or Hand Beaver?

Today we check out some hot Archie merch, and discuss how much of a simp Archie may or may not be.

Then Ezra takes us on a journey into a horrible beaver-based dystopia in an Archie Out of Context, where we bask in the magic of Justin Beaver.

Next up, we have a Bizzarchie featuring yet another plot to "take from the rich, and give to the richer" at a charity costume ball. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that pesky Archie!

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Megan BP

Megan is a human person who has been reading Archie comics since the early 90s, and been listening to podcasts since the early 90s. This is quite innovative as the first podcast was aired in 2004. When not broadcasting love of redheaded boys Megan lives in a house with many cats, and a wife.
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Ezra BP

Ezra is a writer who has been mildly obsessed with Archie comics since his big sister started reading them with him as a wee one. He is probably a little too into podcasts, as his girlfriend could tell you, so now that he has one of his very own, he's pretty unbearable. When he's not talking about how terrible everyone in Riverdale really is, he's probably trying to learn how to play a new board game.