Episode 63

63. He Might Be Dastardly!

Ah, Spring! That magical time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love...Ok, Archie, take a chill pill. In this episode we ignore Archie and his springtime fancies, and instead take a spring break adventure with Veronica! She and a generically handsome dude uncover an international plot, but will she make it out alive? Yes.

Then we have a handsome stranger come to down, and Archie faces a near death experience when he challenges him to a duel. Will he survive?? Also yes.

Segments: Veronica Voyages, Totally Teens

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Megan BP

Megan is a human person who has been reading Archie comics since the early 90s, and been listening to podcasts since the early 90s. This is quite innovative as the first podcast was aired in 2004. When not broadcasting love of redheaded boys Megan lives in a house with many cats, and a wife.
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Ezra BP

Ezra is a writer who has been mildly obsessed with Archie comics since his big sister started reading them with him as a wee one. He is probably a little too into podcasts, as his girlfriend could tell you, so now that he has one of his very own, he's pretty unbearable. When he's not talking about how terrible everyone in Riverdale really is, he's probably trying to learn how to play a new board game.